Officially the tasks creative directors need to complete day by day is that they would have to manage creative projects from concept to completion with a creative team they lead, but what makes a creative director to have such a vital role in the design company where they reside in, is that as they manage the overall visual layout, brainstorming ,copy writing they also the ideas coming in from their team members and taking responsibility of incorporating or leaving out the inputs given to form the end results of each projects. In short, they make all the calls to make the final creative product, even all the way to directing the creative strategies and marketing. Creative directors works with the senior designers , and they are in charge of the art directors, the mid-weight designers , the junior designers, and all the designers assistants as well as the interns, while they also serve as the project manager they work and report directly to the client or employers. This position would involve the person residing in the position to lead the communication design, interactive design, and concept forward in briefs given by the clients.