The reason I chose this design studio is because the beauty of their designs caught my eyes, I also feel that I can relate to their kind of design as they are Asian and their design style can be traced back to their Asian roots.

The Facet studio is an architect firm based in Sydney, NSW, Australia with an office branch in Osaka, Japan. It was first established by Olivia Shih and Yoshihito Kashiwagi , starting off from their humble beginning by renovating a Thai restaurant, and from then on in it`s 4th year Facet studio has move on to design several Japanese, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese restaurants in Sydney and the studio has expanded their design portfolio where they include retail design, office fit out, single residential, and commercial building, and their scale has gone to another level having the range of not only inside Australia but to some other parts of the world such as Japan, China, and France. They do renovations for spaces for different brands, restaurant, companies, etc.


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