The age range of the target market is 18-24 years old, female sex, they speak English, mostly Australian though came from different ethnic origins and their latest education status is high school graduates and currently doing their studies as students, employed with part time jobs on the side in customer services. On their free time they like to do social activities such as hang out with friends, going to parties, shopping and travelling. Their choice of colour is mostly shades of blue and green , while their choice of clothing brand is mostly Zara.


Considering that the target market`s age range, and their occupation as a student who have part time jobs, also how likes to go out, they would have a lot of activities, so comfort would be a number one must, also considering that the target market are young females it will also be stylish , in a young and fun way, and eye catching with their favourite colour as the main colour palette for the design.

So from all that information I`ve decided to make a shoes design with detachable heels, which will be appropriate to wear day time as well as night time, it will be comfortable and fun to wear while going to their college/University as flat shoes, but also be stylish and eye catching to wear while they go out with their friends at night time as high heels when you attach the heels to it.




Reference : (shoes picture and design )

(example for creative idea)