As shown in their galleries and as described in their interviews, the technology use in their working projects is that thy they would first point out main points. Make sketches or illustration digitally, by computer and after then moving on to the 3d model where they would use hand skills in putting a smaller size of material with the actual design colors and shapes, according to the main sketches illustrated before to form the small prototype of the design, then they would apply the whole plan with actual materials and key components firstly thought ,and tested on the 3d model to the real design space.

 There was no record on job opportunities availability advertised in their websites or personal blogs, as they are not so active in publication and promotions. As said in an interview quoted, “We have not been really active in terms of promoting ourselves, but we do seek to be published in medias we like.”

 Their works process in the studio is described as such, they analyze the briefs given by the clients, pointing out main importance to each briefs and how to deliver those main importance not forgetting the client`s situation, needs and capability, after successfully doing that they distilled the elements of design and coming up with the design to reach hearts and accepted by wide range of people.

From their client`s briefs then apply their design ideas into 2d or virtual results such as sketches and illustrations, then they would make a small prototype such as a 3d model from it, and finally they would build the actual design object itself to incorporate those objects, such as lamps, chair,table,etc into the whole interior design and complete the project

 When asked what kind of challenges they face they answered “What we found the major difference between Australian and Japanese clients is: Japanese clients are more descriptive in what they want, and Australian clients on the contrary are clearer about what they want.” . As described in an interview their main issue is in the international aspect in the design industry concerns where they have to deal with clients from different countries with different cultures and they expressed how they would overcome this challenge , quoted “This cultural difference does not alter our way of design; however we would adapt our way of doing business and communication according to different cultures.” So they would have to adapt to how the clients give their briefs and having to pull through for variations of briefs given.


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