There are two main disciplines represented by the design studio coming from the two individuals who lead this design studio and those two are architecture and interior , but from an interview with Olivia Shih she said these two are very similar in roles with the prime interest of “people” but with different expressions, and she said quoted “we do not have a preference, because a beautiful space is a beautiful space, there is no interior nor architecture difference.”

Olivia Shih said , quoted “When we started Facet Studio, we set out to do “meaningful design” – we believe when we have meanings behind our design, there is beauty in what we do.  To us every project has the potential to be polished into a gem by putting in more thoughts in the design process, and that is where the name Facet Studio came from.” In an interview to explain what her fundamental for each of their designs.

Exactly 5 years ago, the two founders established the Facet design studio in Sydney Australia in the year of 2008, then just 2 years ago in the year of 2011 they established a branch office in Japan .

The main branch of the Facet design studio is in Australia is in the 2nd floor of 23Abercrombie Street, Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia, where they mange and design all the projects from the client. As they have a lot of clients overseas they manage those clients with a branch office in Osaka, Japan with the purpose of ,quoted “to better care of the projects and clients in Asia, whilst designing and managing from the Sydney office.”

The Facet studio`s organizational structure mainly consists of a team of seven people including both Olivia Shih and Yoshito Kashiwagi. Whereas the other five completes the whole team, in assisting in the creation of the sketches, illustration, and primary planning, creating the 3d model of the plans, and finally making the key components needed to be incorporated into perfecting the whole complete design.


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