As complicated as this sounds and appear on paper, this is what keeps our works safe because,  face it we would be pretty mad if after all the long hours of brainstorming, design application , and after putting all of that together to create an awesome logo design or some kind of grand illustration, someone just right clicked copy-paste the work and use it as their own. Imagine copyrights as a big solid safety box, a guarantee that our designs are protected under the “Copyright Act 1968” which is a long list of what, who, and how we are protected, but nevertheless it exists for us. So what are considered a work to have copyright over ? Well, it is clearly stated that copyright protects drawings, logos, photographs, and visual images, what it does not protect are ideas, styles or techniques which is very logical since you can`t really say a certain idea is yours if you haven`t applied it into something visible and obvious like some kind of artwork for example, and the same goes for styles and techniques. About who and how you are protected depends on the situation in which the work was made, if you created it while being in a company, the company owns it but if not ,it will basically be like any other property , you can keep owning it and “rent” it to a company or someone else under a contract you have negotiated with them to use in a certain way, in a certain time period, and published in a certain area, or you could sell the ownership to someone else which means they would have a say to how they want to use it, when they want to use it, and where they want to use it. All these only applies when payment has been made, so only when you have received payment from the buying party all conditions agreed applies. Simply put the notice yourself which is the symbol, the name of the copyright owner and the year of the first publication, as copyrights are free and automatic with no formal procedures, have the power to sue others who are breaching the copyright conditions, have the rights to own and use the result of your creativity and effort.